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ReVolt, Worldwatch's blog on Energy & the Environment

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The Worldwatch Institute's Climate and Energy Blog


Revolt is a free online news blog from the Worldwatch Institute.  Its latest articles include a Chinese Cap & Trade plan, an alternate measure to the GDP, and clean energy in Massachusetts.

BuildingGreen Suite

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Princeton Univ. Library has now subscribed to:

BuildingGreen Suite


From their "About" page:


"We are an independent company committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals and policy makers improve the environmental performance, and reduce the adverse impacts, of buildings."

One can sign up for alerts of news and new products.

Climate Change Conference Copenhagen -- keeping track

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The Telegraph Media Group Ltd. appears to be blogging or tweeting the issues from Copenhagen.

The public comments, so far, appear to be against reducing the rate of climate change.

For the RSS feed:


Mother Nature News:

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The Nature Conservancy News, via their newsletter today, introduced the Mother Nature News Network  which provides information and resources about technology, transportation, earth matters, food, business, home, lifestyle and family.

"You can read Conservancy news, nature and environmental articles, blogs, videos and how-to guides, along with breaking news stories, such as:

  •  MNN TV shows Conservancy videos and gives visual advice on everything from green party planning and green parenting to impassioned musicians and local-food chefs.
  • The Green News Roundup with daily environmental news and coverage from around the web including from each of The Nature Conservancy's state programs.
  • Plus, read what MNN's featured bloggers cover about the Conservancy and green living topics from transportation to family to business and food. "

Green, Inc. a new blog

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Did you notice in today’s New York Times, an announcement of the blog: Green, Inc. : Energy, the Environment and the Bottom Line

“About Green Inc. How will the pressures of climate change, limited fossil fuel resources and the mainstreaming of “green” consciousness reshape society? Follow the money. From renewable energy policy to carbon markets to dubious eco-advertising, our energy and environment reporters will track the high-stakes pursuit of a greener globe.”

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