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“Under the initiative, CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) will work with Wikipedia to help provide accurate CAS Registry Numbers for current substances listed in Wikiprojects - Chemicals section of the Wikipedia Chemistry Portal - that are of widespread general public interest. The CAS Registry is one the most comprehensive collections of chemical substances and the CAS Registry Number is the recognised global standard for chemical substance identification.”

From Knowledgespeak Newsletter, March 18.

Experiment: read EPA docs and describe (tag) them

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Play Tag With Government Documents

“Free Government Information is doing an experiment for tagging government documents, and they need you to help.

The group has taken 32 documents from the EPA Web site and posted them to the Internet Archive, at . They want you to read the documents, and then describe them and tag them in You can see what’s been tagged so far at . The project will run for three months and then the data generated by users will be analyzed, with the group determining how many participated, average number of tags per document, how the documents were described, etc.”

Source: ResearchBuzz #420 — February 28, 2008

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