Ocean World: Coral Reefs

Title:Ocean World: Coral Reefs
Url: http://oceanworld.tamu.edu/students/coral/index.html
Publisher: Texas A & M University.
Ocean World.

Description: Texas A&M University presents Ocean World, a Web-based educational resource for oceanography. The feature on coral reefs has the most direct life sciences application, with easy-to-navigate sections about the coral animal, coral reefs as the rainforests of the sea, symbiosis, ecosystem services, and coral reef threats and conservation. The Web site also includes a handy hypertext glossary, an interactive quiz, and annotated links to interesting Web sites, including sites that provide real-time reef images and data. While no formal lesson plans are provided, this Web site could be easily incorporated to a related classroom module for a range of grade levels.

Source: AMSER.org via Scout Report, Univ. Wisc. 6/5/09