EPA Regional and Headquarters Libraries to reopen

The EPA National Library Network Report to Congress has been released.

It is dated March 26, 2008.


In the report it states that the EPA will receive S1 million to reopen the following libraries, which it hopes to do by September 30, 2008:
EPA Libraries in Regions 5, 6 & 7, Chicago, Dallas, & Kansas City respectively, and the EPA Headquarters Repository and Chemical Library in Washington, D.C.

EPA Libraries — Best Practices & summary

Environmental Protection: EPA Needs to Ensure That Best Practices and Procedures Are Followed When Making Further Changes to Its Library Network. GAO-08-304, February 29.

http://www.gao.gov/cgi-bin/getrpt?GAO-08-304 (60 pages)

Highlights –
http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d08304high.pdf (1 page)

Thanks to Ruth Gustafson from UC Davis reporting to the Environment & Resource Management Division of Special Library Association

Status of EPA Libraries

From the Special Libraries Association’s online monthly newsletter: SLA Connections, May 2007:

In a letter of May 8th (2007) to the SLA, Mike Flynn, the EPA Director confimed that there is currently a moratorium on further closures and changes to the EPA Library Network.

He also wrote that: “EPA is committed to increasing access to environmental information through a combination of online and traditional library services via the EPA Library Network.”