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The Office of Sustainability Welcomes New Staff Members Summer Interns Focus on Higher Ed. Sustainability Collaboration and Organic Gardening
Move-in 2013: Hundreds of Freshmen Receive ‘Sustainability Survival Kits’ Sustainability Promoted at Student Information Fairs
Sustainability Staff Ambassador Program: Consider Joining this Fall! Staff Profile: For One Builder, Impossible Becomes Routine
New Sustainable Fashion Exhibit at the Greenspace Kiosk Where can I recycle this?
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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint — CQ Researcher

This Week’s Report, from the CQ Researcher weekly alert:

“Reducing Your Carbon Footprint” by Thomas J. Billitteri, December 5, 2008

Can individual actions reduce global warming?

As climate change rises closer to the top of the government’s policy agenda – and an economic crisis intensifies – more and more consumers are trying to change their behavior so they pollute and consume less. To reduce their individual “carbon footprints,” many are cutting gasoline and home-heating consumption, choosing locally grown food and recycling. While such actions are important in curbing global warming, the extent to which consumers can reduce or reverse broad-scale environmental damage is open to debate. Moreover, well-intentioned personal actions can have unintended consequences that cancel out positive effects. To have the greatest impact, corporate and government policy must lead the way, many environmental advocates say.

Are measures of individual carbon emissions valid?
Should government do more to encourage individuals to reduce their carbon footprints?
Can individual action significantly reduce global climate change?

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