“Changing Planet” — videos for Earth Day

In preparation for Earth Day – April 22, 2012 – explore NBC Learn’s “Changing Planet” Special Collection. These climate science videos, produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation, cover headline issues from rising sea levels to falling lizard populations, thawing permafrost to withering crops. Each video is accompanied by an activity provided by “Windows to the Universe” at the National Earth Science Teachers Association, to engage and involve your students in examining and understanding climate issues.

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Environmental Defense Fund — Energy Innovation Videos

From a letter/ad from the EDF. Of course, they are writing to get financial support, but these brief videos are interesting. Coming to the series are: Wave, Geothermal, Biofuels, & a Conclusion. There is also an Introduction.

“Watch our first video—a look into solar ink, a solar energy solution that is a tenth of the cost and takes up half the amount of space as current solar technology,” says the EDF.

“In our new Unleash the Future video series, journalist and storyteller Miriam Horn shares the story of some of the leading innovators and entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of the clean energy vanguard.

Horn—co-author with Fred Krupp of Earth: The Sequel—explores how inventors are changing the way we think about energy—from wave, to geothermal, from biofuels to solar.

These clean energy technologies can cure our addiction to oil, stop the devastating effects of global warming, and bolster our economy—but only if America puts a cap on carbon pollution to unleash this future. “