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Nature Climate Change -- now online

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As a Nature Publishing Group (NPG) customer, we would like to let you know that with the publication of the first issue imminent, the first Nature Climate Change articles are now available free to view online, ahead of print. They are:

Nonlinear heat effects on African maize as evidenced by historical yield trials
David B. Lobell, Marianne Bänziger , Cosmos Magorokosho, Bindiganavile Vivek

News and Views
Agriculture: Weather dilemma for African maize
Maximilian Auffhammer

Books and Arts
Living through the storm
Mason Inman

Environmental Sciences Reading Room at Springer

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springer_horse.jpg"Free access to electronic content from Springer - a new selection every 2 months.


Free Content
Become a frequent visitor to this Reading Room to stay up-to-date in Environmental Health, Global Change - Climate Change, Pollution & Remediation, Environmental Management, Sustainability, Aquatic Sciences and much more.
To access the journals simply click on the link of your choice. This will lead you to SpringerLink, our content platform. Enjoy your read!"


Environmental Justice -- "yearling" journal

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Environmental Justice is offering free full text access until May 15th, of their special issue  in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day.  Environmental Justice

MaryAnn Liebert is the publisher.  This is Vol. 2, issue 4:

What Did Environmental Justice Look Like in 1970?
Author: M. Egan

Remembering April 22, 1970
Author: L. Mighetto

Reflections on Earth Day
Author: D.N. Pellow

Reflections on Earth Day 1970 and Beyond
Author: P.C. Rosier

The Environment versus the Poor: Personal Reflections on Earth Day 1970
Author: K. Shrader-Frechette

Earth Day at 40
Author: P. Wapner

A Reflection on Earth Day Celebrations: What Exactly Are We Celebrating?
Author: L.W. Da

Birth of a Sustainable Nation, The Environmental Justice and Environmental Health Movements in the United States
Author: S. Hood Washington -- a trial subscription

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Princeton has a one-month trial of Building Green

Building Green integrates a suite of online tools with wide-ranging information on sustainable building including the GreenSpec directory of products and Environmental Building News.

Please let me know if you’d like the library to subscribe to this resource. Sandy Brooke

Librarian, Marquand Library of Art & Archaeology

Acting Librarian, School of Architecture Library

McCormick Hall 258-5860

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