Simple Precept Assignment

Newly developed tool promises to ease the
assignment of students to precepts and drills.

Faculty and staff will find the tedious job of sorting students into sections for each course has gotten a whole lot easier this semester. A new Sectioning Tool available through Blackboard will now automatically create Blackboard groups based on precepts, drills or ear training sections.

Rather than sorting the clutter of papers that students previously submitted to pick their preferred sections, faculty and staff can easily assign sections with this new “point and click” interface. The feature is available to users with access to the Blackboard Control Panel.
Administrators will also welcome the automated notification they and the students receive when the system detects any schedule conflicts. Conflicts can be overridden manually to accommodate a dropped course that may not register immediately in Blackboard.
Once the sections have been saved, Blackboard groups are automatically created and populated with the student members of that section. Students can also be automatically notified via e-mail as to which section they’ve been placed in. Online help is available in the Blackboard site. (You must log in.) Training is available by contacting 258-7331 or by sending e-mail to

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