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Office Visit Program expands to include Almagest, PowerPoint.

As many of you already know, through our Office Visit Program you can request that a graduate student consultant in instructional technology come to your office and help you set up your Blackboard courses. During these visits, consultants show you how to start tailoring Blackboard to your specific classes, your department, your teaching or administrative style – and your computer.

Until now, this was the only kind of office visit we offered. Since Blackboard first arrived on campus in 1999 it has expanded and grown and now you can easily integrate a number of different technological tools with your course sites – tools as varied as web sites you’ve built yourself, streaming videos, PowerPoint presentations, or your Almagest projects. In addition, Blackboard now lets instructors store and manage their documents with an easy web interface that you can access right from your desktop.
Because the response to training in this format has been so positive, we are expanding the scope of the Office Visit Program. IT consultants now offer personal assistance not just with Blackboard but with many of the other tools you’ve already been using in your teaching and can integrate with your course sites. If you’d like someone to help you build your first Almagest lecture or try your hand at a simple PowerPoint presentation – fill out the form linked below, and a consultant will get in touch with you within a few days to schedule a visit.
During some of those visits, consultants would often show tips and tricks to make working with your Windows computer and Microsoft software a little easier – things like keyboard shortcuts you may not have known about or finding a file when you can’t remember just what folder you saved it in. Until now, consultants did this simply to help make working with Blackboard course web sites quicker and easier.

Office Visit Coordinator Kati Lovasz
Office Visit Coordinator Kati Lovasz
and Consultant Amy Shuster train
in preparation for expanded services.

Through the expanded Office Visit Program you can request an office visit specifically for tips on using Windows and Word. If you’d like someone to help you reorganize your desktop in just the way that suits you or show you how you can navigate your computer’s file system or manage a book-length Word document a little more easily – you can have a consultant come right to your office and show you how to do just that.
This spring we welcome ten new consultants to our fold, graduate students from departments as varied as French and Italian, Physics and Sociology – we are sure that one of them will be able to help you with exactly what you need. Office visits are available to all faculty and staff affiliated with coursework. To request an office visit, go to the Office Visit web site, fill out the form and select the type of visit you’d like:

  • Windows tips and tricks
  • Blackboard course management
  • Creating simple PowerPoint slides
  • Managing large documents with Word
  • Creating simple Almagest projects

You can also call 258-7331. We hope to hear from you soon!