Office Hours Made Easy

New software makes scheduling office hours
easier for both students and faculty.

For anyone who holds office hours or who manages office hours for someone, a new tool is available that can make this easier for all. The Office Hours Scheduling System was developed by OIT in an effort to meet common problems faced by all who need to schedule these meetings.

Potential users need only to go the Office Hours web page to set up a schedule. Also, an alternate manager of the schedule may be designated. A URL is then provided that can be sent to students, etc. to access the faculty member’s available office hours.
The software presents a basic academic calendar that may be easily modified to suit personal needs. e-mail notification to faculty of appointments made, as well as to students of appointments cancelled, is included. Students may also opt for an e-mail reminder to be sent the day before the scheduled appointment. The software runs in any browser. The service may be found at