Say What You Mean

Adding audio with the Wimba tools in
Blackboard can give your course a voice.

Many language courses at Princeton have known about the audio tool kit at their disposal within Blackboard – the voice tools provided by Wimba Horizon software. Any course in Blackboard may make use of the software that includes:

  • Voice announcements – simple announcements that are relevant to and contained within the particular Blackboard course.
  • Voice e-mail – enables a recorded message to be sent via e-mail. The recipient is sent a link which will open in any browser, providing the audio message.
  • Voice discussion boards – may be included in any course. Posts of up to ten minutes may be added by any participant based upon the instructor’s preferences.
  • Voice authoring – allows vocal messages to be recorded and played in a web page.
  • Voice direct – a real-time voice conferencing tool.

Recording of content for Wimba modules is easily done
with any microphone-enabled computer (available on computers
at the Language Resource Center) or even via the built-in
microphones on laptops. The software’s interface provides
simply the kinds of buttons (record, play, etc.) that
we’ve all become familiar with.
course related that could be better communicated via
voice – be it the simple pronunciation of a word or
term, the reading of a passage of text or a message
– is a perfect candidate for one of the Wimba tools.
Free online training is available from Horizon Wimba
and to anyone interested. Simply register for it here.
Horizon Wimba also sponsors a users
and maintains a robust support
as well. Please call 609-258-0737 for assistance.

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