Getting the Grants: Boost Your Chances!

By John Moore
Grants help fill the funding gap at a time when dollars from government coffers–and even some private sources–have dwindled.
IN THE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY arena, a number of tech companies offer grants that can help advance university research and instructional programs. That’s the good news. Now for the bad news: Competition abounds and only a handful of grant seekers obtain funding.
But grant writers can improve their chances. Tech foundation executives interviewed for this column described a number of steps institutions can take to make their application stand out from the masses. Consider the following tactics:
Do Your Homework
A tech vendor’s grant program usually has a sweet spot or two. It behooves the grant writer to discover those priorities and align the grant application accordingly. Sun Microsystems, for instance, seeks proposals that reflect the company’s investment priorities, notes Luis Sanchez, director of Business Solutions and Strategic Programs for Global Education and Research at Sun. “There has to be some alignment on technology interests,” he says. Sun’s Academic Excellence Grant Program, which offers hardware donations, emphasizes such fields as Web-based learning and high-performance computing. The grants are made on a quarterly basis.
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