Busuu.com: A Language Learning Community



Busuu.com is just like another website we reviewed earlier on this blog called Livemocha. Busuu.com is very similar to Livemocha in that you can review language vocab, listen to a conversation (but you can  answer questions based off the conversation in Busuu.com) which includes the vocab, and speak to others in the community to practice the language and write in the language and grade others in their written and audio assignments. What’s different is the availability of downloadable materials. To download vocab, you need to pay for an upgraded service (you can sign up for free service). What I like about Busuu.com more than Livemocha is that the vocab is practical conversational vocab, not just a review of random words in another language. What makes Livemocha better than Busuu.com is the multiple flashcard (which is free and you can print out) and vocab reviews that help prep you for the writing exercising and the audio exercises. You are also limited to a few languages with the free Busuu.com suscription, which is not the case with LiveMocha. You can learn many more languages for free at that site. Regardless, Busuu.com is a great place to learn a new language. To learn more about Busuu.com, click on the link below:



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