Screencast: How to Capture Video Clips from DVD to iMovie

This screencast goes over the process of capturing video clips from a DVD using iMovie HD. It also goes over very briefly the different ways you can edit your video clips. To get started, view these few steps before watching the screencast. To view a full size version of the screencast, please click on this link:

1. Log on to the Crestron touchscreen (a student at the front desk can assist you with signing on).

2. Click on Presentation Sources on the right of the screen. Choose DVD (if capturing clips from the DVD player or VCR if you are capturing video from a VHS tape).

Thumbnail image for DSC01180.jpg





3. Click on Video Editing on the right hand side. Make sure the editing source is set to DVD (VCR if a VHS tape). Choose Mac for editing destination.

Thumbnail image for DSC01181.jpg

To capture the video in iMovie HD, view the screencast below.

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