Augmented Reality and Education

In a recent blog post by David Hopkins, the author explores the Augmented Reality and how it could be used in education. Some of the pluses of augmented reality for education that David discusses are:

  • "Learning styles: rich examples of complex phenomena (engineering, earth sciences, medicine, environmental applications to name a few) while being engaging.
  • Authentic Learning: AR can tremendously enhance vocational studies for those wishing to enter the trades: auto and aviation mechanics, electricians, carpenters, etc… The ability to annotate real elements and the ability to add to reality by superimposing virtual aids, will aid in instruction and learning for those disciplines where a specific spatial configuration of elements must be learned and remembered (auto mechanics, medicine, chemistry).
  • Realistic models: AR provides a means of “seeing” phenomena in 3D, thereby bringing the contextual three dimensional nature of the real world to the their learning. Textual and pictorial information in the typical 2 dimensional print-based resources loses much of the richness of the “real” world elements, and involves an element of interpretation that is difficult for some students.
  • Engagement/Interactivity: Illustrations in books can come to life with AR technology and can captivate readers of all ages."
Also a video from SMLXL blog demos how augmented reality could be used to make an educational experience more interactive. The video is embedded below: