Create Editable Word Clouds on the Web

tagcrowd_logo.pngI recently came a across TagCrowd, a word cloud generator that you can embed into a website, print, or save as a PDF. What’s nice about TagCrowd is that the word cloud is not a generated image, but HTML and CSS you can edit when you embed it into your website. You can also edit the settings to determine how big your word cloud will be, how frequent a word must be in the text to show up in the word cloud, and a stoplist that ignores certain words (like a, the, and) so they do not show up in the word cloud. You can pull text from three different sources: a website, a local file on your computer, or copy and paste text into a text box.

If you are doing word analysis and want to have a visual to go along with your project, this would be a great and easy tool to use. To try it out, click on the link below: