Social Network for Asking Questions and Contributing Answers

quora_logo.pngQuora is a place where you can ask questions and others contribute answers to your questions. You may ask, how is this different from a site like yahoo! Answers? You connect to Quora via your Twitter account for Facebook account. You can also search other questions other users have asked. Since you connect with your Facebook/Twitter account, you will be able to follow your friends that are already on Quora.

Others can also edit your question (to get better results or to improve wording). You can also post your question to Facebook or Twitter (if the person is not on Quora, it will prompt them to join if they want to answer your question). You can follow other users and you can also post questions and answers to your tumblr or WordPress blog (another way of sharing). If you want to check out Quora, click on the link below: