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We recently had a client who had several .MTS files on an SDHC card that he wanted to convert to the .MP4 format and make available via his Blackboard course site.  Final Cut Pro can read these files as can the freeware VLC Media Player and MPEG Streamclip.  However neither VLC nor Mpeg could actually convert the files (they claim it, but we’ve tested it).

Rather than forcing the client to have to import to Final Cut Pro, export/convert, we found iSkysoft Video Converter to be a wonderful, fast solution.  It’s cross-platform and costs about $50.  We prefer free when we can get it, but this program was well worth the investment.

Opening files: DVD & ISO & approximately 20+ digital video/audio formats
Download from the web.
Record from screen.

Immediately impressive was the ability to quickly and easily trim-edit the video. Conversion was as simple as pressing the “Convert” button under the video preview pane. A right-mouse click on the file allowed us to change the export settings to (and not limited to this list) these pre-created profiles: HD, online, Apple, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Blackberry, and Samsung.

The export codecs included: (.) mkv, ts, trp, avi, mp4, mpg, wmv, mov (and again, many more).

If importing from a DVD, you can also import and edit subtitles. Burning to DVD is also available and they include several menu templates.

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