Lunch & Learn: Serge Goldstein on the iPrinceton app.

Over the past two years, OIT, in collaboration with a number of University departments and Blackboard Inc., has developed a mobile application suite named “iPrinceton.” This suite is currently available for iPhone/iPads, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices, as well as other mobile devices that have a web browser. In this talk I will review iPrinceton and its development, focusing on the challenges involved in developing the application, and the impact that mobile app development is having on IT at Princeton and beyond.  If you have a mobile device, be sure to download iPrinceton before you come (it is free).

Speaker bio:
As Academic Services’ first Director, Serge Goldstein is proud to head up a team that includes people with a wide range of skills, all dedicated to supporting use of technology in the academic enterprise. He started his professional career as an academic. He received a B.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree, all from Yale University, all in Anthropology. His field work and dissertation were on the ecology of Rhesus monkeys in Northwestern Pakistan. In the course of analyzing his data, he began to use computers, became enamored, and never looked back. He has at various times been a systems programmer (specializing in IBM mainframe operating systems, and later in Unix and NextStep), an instructor of computer internals, a web page designer, and an occasional college lecturer (in quantitative methods). He still thinks of himself primarily as an academic, and his role at Princeton as being primarily to ensure that OIT is providing services that address the needs of academics.

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