Lunch & Learn: Shana Weber on Sustainability at Princeton

Wednesday, October 19, 12:00 noon

***Oakes Lounge, Whig Hall***

Using Technology to Communicate Sustainability

Shana Weber

Shana will be talking about the sustainability effort at Princeton, and how technology plays a role in that effort.

About the speaker:

Shana Weber is the sustainability manager in the University’s facilities department.Weber served as a faculty member and as director for campus and community programs at Santa Clara University’s Environmental Studies Institute from 2002 to 2005. She has been co-producer and contributing science editor since 2005 for “EcoTalk,” a nationally syndicated interview format radio program dedicated to environmental sustainability.At Princeton, she is responsible for helping the University as a whole to improve its environmental performance and to facilitate its emergence as a leading example of sustainability among institutions of higher education. She works with students, faculty and staff to diminish the University’s ecological footprint by coordinating improvements in energy efficiency, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and waste, supporting local businesses, improving public awareness of University sustainability efforts, encouraging creative collaboration and dialogue, developing University-wide policies and engaging the University community in the national sustainability discussion.