Lunch and Learn: Impact Factors: What They Mean, What They Don’t Mean, and Why You Should Care, presented by Elana Broch

Note that only audio was recorded for this session, but the PDF of the presentation is available here for you to follow along: Elana Broch: Impact Factors

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You may have noticed journals’ announcements of their “impact factor” on their home page.  “We’re number 1” sounds good, but what does it really mean?  I’ll begin with a quick overview of Web of Science, the database that forms the basic for the calculations of the impact factor, show how impact factor is calculated, and the factors that influence its interpretability.  Finally, we’ll discuss alternatives to the impact factor.

Speaker bio:

Elana Broch is the assistant population research librarian in Stokes Library here at Princeton.  Before coming to Princeton, she worked as a measurement statistician on the GRE at Educational Testing Service. She earned a PhD in Psychometric Methods from the University of Minnesota before earning her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science.  Her dissertation “An investigation of the effect of item complexity and dimension strength on item parameter recovery in multidimensional datasets,” has one (incomplete citation) in Web of Science.”

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