The Productive Scholar: LaTeX Tips and Tricks presented by Rebecca Louie

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This talk will cover the basics of LaTeX, the typesetting language for producing scientific and technical manuscripts. It will touch on some of the useful packages that can be used with LaTeX as well as document layout and formatting, and some useful tricks to save time. If you don’t use LaTeX every day, it can be difficult to remember everything that’s required but there are ways to make it easier if you only use it occasionally – setting up templates and shortcut commands for the things you do most can help a lot. Even though you may be comfortable with Word, LaTeX produces a much nicer, cleaner looking, document and many publishers require it.

Speaker bio:

Rebecca Louie, as part of the Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics for 12 years, worked with professors to produce manuscripts, grant proposals, class handouts and notes, letters, and presentations using LaTeX. Rebecca is currently the Administrative Assistant for Academic Services, OIT.

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