The Productive Scholar: Teaching with WordPress with Timothy Recuber

Thursday, May 3, 12:00 noon
Oakes Lounge, Whig Hall
Teaching with WordPress
Timothy Recuber
Timothy Recuber, of the Writing Center, talks about his recent experience teaching with WordPress, a popular content-management and blogging platform hosted at Princeton. He describes the challenges of balancing the open-ended, creative nature of the medium with the need for scholarly rigor and pedagogical utility.
About the speaker:
Timothy Recuber is a sociologist who focuses on mass media and consumer culture. He has written about the deployment of therapeutic discourse in online archives devoted to disasters and their victims, about the ways in which popular culture has helped inspire fears of terrorism, and about the impact of “immersive” projection technology and theater architecture on contemporary cinema spectatorship. His other scholarly interests include urban studies, race and ethnicity, and the sociology of emotion.
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