Lunch & Learn: iPad for Begin­ners

On Wednesday, September 19th, Janet Temos opened our Fall 2012 series of Lunch & Learn sessions by talking about iPads in Education. In her talk, Temos started by talking about the minimalism and simplicity of the user interface of a tablet. She demonstrated how the iPad has just two physical buttons, the home button, and the power button, and how different that is from the typical complex interfaces of most other technologies. She talked about the software interface of the iPad, and how to organize the device to make it work better for you as an individual. She then proceeded to show some of her favorite applications. For example, SlideShark allows a user to show PowerPoint slides, and use the iPad as a presentation device, instead of a bulky laptop.

In her demonstration of SlideShark, she gave an overview of her digital and media workflow in a given day, and explained how she chooses to use a PC, a tablet, or a laptop as she moves to meetings, her office, or other locations, taking notes, pictures, and writing all the while. She then talked about her transition to home from work, and how she uses an Apple TV device at home to wirelessly display and check on what she accomplished that day on her iPad. She talked about how soon here at Princeton, we might be able to use Apple TVs in the classroom to easily and wirelessly display the contents of one’s iPad on in-classroom displays.

Combining the ability to present with an iPad with the ease of walking into a classroom and displaying that presentation by just connecting wirelessly to the screen is (potentially) a much simpler setup for faculty who use technology to present in the classroom.

Temos’ rich discussion of mobile technologies also touched on the Kindle Fire, Microsoft SkyDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox,, Windows 8, Windows tablets, mobile keyboards, mouses, and a lot more.

Here is a screencast that Janet created specifically for our blog audience:

Janet Temos is the Director of the Educational Technologies Center at Princeton. She is a member of the Princeton class of 1982, and received her PhD at Princeton in 2001. The ETC helps faculty use technology in teaching and research, and includes Blackboard, the New Media Center, the Humanities Resource Center. We also offer consulting, training and outreach in educational technologies.