Lunch & Learn: Janet Temos on TED Ed

This week at Lunch & Learn, Janet Temos talked about flipping lectures using TED Ed. TED, a global conference and learning organization, has many initiatives, and TED Ed is one focused on teaching and learning. TED Ed benefits instructors and students because it seeks to allow instructors to use high-quality videos as shared learning objects in their teaching. On their sites, they describe the project as “TED’s education initiative. Our mission is to capture and amplify the voices of great educators around the world.” The project pairs great instructors with great animators to bring lectures to life and to take high concepts and make them highly accessible. There is also a quizzing engine that allows instructors to assess student learning, understanding and outcomes. Temos also showed how instructors might use Blackboard to present both video and assessment tools in a more well-known environment at Princeton than TED Ed. A screencast of the session is below.