Lunch and Learn: Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

ipad_smart_podiumIn this Lunch and Learn session, Janet Temos and Angel Brady of the Educational Technologies Center gave an introduction to the SMART Technologies SMART Podium (formerly Sympodium) and the iPad, and how they can be used as interactive whiteboards for the classroom.

Janet demonstrated the SMART Podium connected to a MacBook Air.  Running the SMART Technologies Notebook software on her laptop,she mirrored her laptop screen on the SMART Podium and annotated directly on the screen using the Podium’s tethered pen. The Notebook software provides choices of pen color, line style, and even creates slideshows that can be shared with a class after the lecture. Images and PowerPoints can be imported into the Notebook software, annotated and saved, even uploaded to Blackboard. ETC has a SMART Podium that can be borrowed for classroom teaching. You can find more information on the SMART Podium here:

Angel demonstrated how the iPad can be used as a whiteboard in a classroom. To project the iPad screen, a special dongle is needed to connect to the room projector; on non-enterprise networks, it is also possible to use a technology called AirPlay together with an inexpensive AppleTV unit to wirelessly transmit the iPad screen to a device with an HDMI connection. She then showed how the iPad can be used for teaching, demonstrating several slideshow ‘apps’, including Google Drive, Slideshark, CloudOn and Explain Everything.

The iPad can also be used as a tool to annotate PDFs and slideshows. Two popular ‘apps’,   GoodReader  and Papers (which connects to research databases), were demonstrated. All of these applications connect to services such as DropBox or protocols such as WebDav (Princeton’s WebSpace uses webdav) to save and share documents and presentations.

Finally Angel answered a question she often hears in her job at the NMC: “How do I display my course reserve videos that are in the Flash format?” Angel demonstrated a Flash browser app called Puffin. This browser allows iPads to play web-based Flash videos  (which the Safari browser native to the iPad cannot). The ETC also has a solution to stream and play video on the iPad by preparing the video through the campus-based Kaltura media system.

A summary of the apps discussed and demonstrated at this talk are located here:

The video of the talk: