Capture Audio from Your Applications (like a Web Browser) on a Mac

products-icon-soundflowerSometimes, you would like to capture audio coming from different applications on your computer. A question we sometimes get at the ETC is, how can I capture audio that is playing from my web browser? They would like to record the audio and save it for teaching purposes. If you’re on a Mac, a free tool called Soundflower can help you capture audio playing on a web browser. Other people have used Soundflower with other built in applications on the Mac, like Quicktime Player, to capture both audio and video in the web browser.

You can download Soundflower for free here:

When using Soundflower, you will have to configure the output and input options for your audio to capture audio using Quicktime Player. When capturing audio, you will not hear the output of the audio through your normal speakers, but you can always open the Soundflower software to hear what you are capturing. This application will capture any sound on your computer, including notification sounds and audio adjustments you make on your computer, so just be aware what you are capturing when using this application. You may want to disable some sounds on your computer before capturing audio.

To see a comprehensive walk-through on how to use Soundflower with Quicktime Player, check out Christopher Breen’s Macworld post here: