An iPad Whiteboard App for Recording Audio and Video

show_me_appHave you ever wished you could write a comment or direction on your screen while demonstrating an app? A free iPad app called ShowMe allows you to do that. As an added bonus, you can record audio (using the internal mic of the iPad) while you record a whiteboard session that you can share with students.

ShowMe has basic whiteboard functions. You have the options to erase part or all of the whiteboard, add an image, undo an action, record your whiteboard session, and choose from 7 different pen colors. In the app, you have the ability to hide the menu at the top to give yourself more real estate to write on the whiteboard. To record a whiteboard session, you simply hit the record button at the top of the screen. (A counter at the bottom of the whiteboard lets you know how long you have been recording.) If you add an image from  your iPad (either from camera roll, from the web, or take a picture with the iPad), the app will pause the recording session so the import process is not recorded. You can pause and resume at anytime in a recording.

Once you are finished recording,you can click on the Save ShowMe button. You can preview your work to finish the save, or start again. After saving, you name your recording, tag it with a topic, and post it to the ShowMe website, which requires a free ShowMe account. Recordings can be public, private, or shared with users you select. Sharing groups can be created (all members need a free account on ShowMe); links mailed to others can be viewed without an account. Recordings can be downloaded and stored on your personal device.

To download this free app, visit the iTunes store.