The Productive Scholar: Intro to Basic Text Analysis

Topic: Introduction to Basic Text Analysis
Speaker: Ben Johnston

Time: Thursday, October 17, 12noon – 1pm
Location: HRC Classroom, Room 012, Lower Level, East Pyne

This hands-on workshop will introduce participants to several tools useful for the analysis of text. AntConc, an easy-to-use but quite powerful concordance program, allows one to run sophisticated and detailed searches over a corpus, make comparisons of the textual characteristics of one text versus another, and to run collocation analyses. The online Voyant Tools offers a spectacular suite of tools for text analysis and includes visualizations of the results, providing an excellent entry point to text analysis. Tools for basic topic modeling and named-entity recognition will also be presented. For those curious about topic modeling, MALLET provides an easy way to get started. Finally, the Stanford Named-entity Recognizer (NER) is a tool for recognizing and tagging proper nouns, or entities, such as people, place names, or organizations in a text.

Speaker: Ben Johnston is Senior Educational Technologist and Manager at OIT’s Humanities Resource Center (HRC) in East Pyne, and Consultant for the Digital Humanities Initiative (DHI). Ben has been involved with educational technology for over twelve years in positions at Columbia University, Bryn Mawr College, and Princeton University. While at Princeton, Ben has worked with educators and researchers across the Humanities and Social Sciences to facilitate the use of digital assets, technology tools, databases, and digital video in teaching and research.