The Productive Scholar: Writing on the Walls: annotation tools for digital projection and collaboration

Topic: Writing on the Walls: annotation tools for digital projection and collaboration
Speaker: Janet Temos

Time: Thursday, October 24, 12noon – 1pm
Location: HRC Classroom, Room 012, Lower Level, East Pyne

Do you find yourself going back and forth between the classroom whiteboard/blackboard and your PowerPoint to write notes or diagram a problem? Can you and your students see that board adequately in the darkened room? When you lower the projection screen to show your class presentation, does it obscure the only place to write? Did you ever wish you had a blank page mid-lecture so you could diagram or sketch an idea that’s just occurred to you? At the end of your talk, does everyone whip out their cell phones to take a picture of the notes you’ve written on the board?

Interactive whiteboards can help combine digital presentations and manual annotations on a single screen by using digital ink for freehand notes and annotations. The annotations can then typically be saved and shared with an audience, or circulated for collaborative work. This talk will provide an overview of various hardware, software, and mobile solutions to make on-screen annotations spontaneous and easy.

Janet Temos is the Director of the Educational Technologies Center at Princeton. She is a member of the Princeton class of 1982, and received her PhD at Princeton in 2001. The ETC helps faculty use technology in teaching and research, and includes Training and Outreach as well as the New Media Center (NMC). We also offer consulting, training and outreach in educational technologies.