blender: 3-D modeling and animation software weekend workshop

Part 1: Saturday, November 9 – Introduction to blender: Interface Overview & Object Modeling
Part 2: Sunday, November 10 – Rendering & Animation

Time: 1:00pm – 4:30pm (both days)
Location: New Media Center, Lewis Library Building, 1st Floor

blender is a free and open-source, cross-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux), 3D computer graphics software used in art and animation, visual effects, 3D modeling, video games, and forensic reconstruction. This weekend intensive will be a hands-on opportunity to learn about this robust software. No previous animation or 3D modeling software experience is required.

To register, click here.  Or use the QR code: QRCode-1halfinch

Part 1: Introduction to blender – Interface Overview & Object Modeling
This session will cover: Object modeling (Object Mode & Edit Mode); Navigation Menus; blender modes;  Keyboard and Mouse shortcuts and interface; Model Views; Vertices, lines, and surfaces; Rotate, scale, and move; Meshes, and Textures.

Part 2: Rendering & Animation
This session will cover: Cameras; Lighting; Exporting; Keyframes; Timeline; Dope sheet (keyframes, animation editors, etc.); Action editor.

Instructor Bios:
Nikitas Tampakis is a senior in the Department of Computer Science experienced with 3D modeling and related software.  During Spring 2013, Nikitas taught an introduction to blender workshop through the J Street Library & Media Center. The previous summer Nikitas used blender to produce animations of ancient building sites in Polis, Cyprus that were featured in the Princeton University Art Museum’s City of Gold exhibition.

George Touloumes is a senior in the Department of Electrical Engineering. This past summer he consulted with the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, Greece in the development of mobile apps, and constructed 3D models of Mycenaean tombs and the Mycenaean acropolis of Athens for visual demonstration designed for museum app users.

To find out more about blender and blender tutorials:
Blender Wiki
blender nation
blender tutorials are also available on; if you are a member of the University community you can visit and login to gain access to the University subscription to the tutorial service.

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