The Productive Scholar: Overview of Q-APS: Social Science Research Support for Scholars

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Download the slides from this presentation: QAPS-Olmsted-slidesS2014

Topic: Overview of Q-APS (Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science): Social Science Research Support for Scholarsviews
Speaker: Jonathan Olmsted

Time: Thursday, April 17, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: HRCC, 012 East Pyne, Lower Level




The Program for Quantitative and Analytical Political Science (Q-APS) offers training, consulting, and resources in support of social science and beyond. In this presentation, Jonathan Olmsted will outline and discuss examples of the ways Q-APS supports social science research at Princeton University for Princeton affiliates of all levels. The goal of this talk is to introduce these forms of support to a broader audience within the university.

SESSION RECAP: Jonathan provided a detailed overview of the various resources of Q-APS that are available to members of the campus. Though the focus of the presentation was on the social scientists Q-APS also works with humanists and those who, regardless of discipline, want to explore applying quantitative analysis to their research. Jonathan’s review included past and current examples of Q-APS’ support offerings including teaching…[more after the jump]

and learning targeting undergraduate and graduate/postdoc populations, as well as consulting and big data analysis. Their training offerings includes statistical computing boot camps, web-scraping and text-processing. Q-APS consulting service is available for all campus members from undergraduates working on JPs to faculty considering the best data analysis approach for a research design. To learn more visit their website and check out their courses and consulting service:

Jonathan Olmsted is a Senior Research Specialist in the Department of Politics and coordinates the Q-APS Consulting Service. His background is in social science and scientific computing. He joined the department in the winter of 2013 and is finishing his PhD in Political Science at the University of Rochester.

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