Immersive Collaborative Simulations for Learning Inquiry: Multi-User Virtual Environments and Augmented Realities with Chris Dede

On Tuesday, October 9, 2007, the Council on Science and Technology at Princeton University sponsored a talk by Professor Chris Dede, the Timothy E. Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies at Harvard University.

With a team at Harvard, MIT and the University of Wisconsin, Dede is exploring how emerging interactive media are opening up intriguing new methods of teaching. Without doubt, he emphasizes, we live in an interesting time. Computers and telecommunication are changing the kinds of knowledge and skills that society wants from our graduates. Indeed, many of our students will work with knowledge and careers that do not yet exist. IT is changing the ways we teach and learn, and it is changing the characteristics of students at every age who habitually use advanced media outside of academic settings in their lives for communication, for entertainment, and for personal expression. These devices and forms of interaction and expression are building learning strengths and preferences that are different from those of prior generations; this offers interesting opportunities for educators.

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Library joins Google project to make books available online

A new partnership between the Princeton University Library and Google soon will make approximately 1 million books in Princeton’s collection available online in a searchable format.
In a move designed to open Princeton’s vast resources to a broad international audience, the library will work with Google over the next six years to digitize books that are in the public domain and no longer under copyright. The partnership is part of the Google Books Library Project, which digitizes books from major libraries and makes it possible for Internet users to search the collections through Google Book Search.
“Generations of Princeton librarians have devoted themselves to building a remarkable collection of books in thousands of subjects and dozens of languages,” University Librarian Karin Trainer said. “Having the portion of that collection not covered by copyright available online will make it easier for Princeton students and faculty to do research, and joining the Google partnership allows us to share our collection with researchers worldwide, a step very much in keeping with the University’s unofficial motto of ‘Princeton in the nation’s service and in the service of all nations.'”
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