Dr. Lee Silver

A web enthusiast finds the newest version
of Blackboard has caught up with his needs.

professor lee silverDr. Lee Silver is a professor of Molecular Biology and Public Affairs at Princeton University. As a scientist, Professor Silver has always been interested in applying the latest technology in both his research and in his classroom. From the very beginning he wanted to eliminate all paper from his classroom but before many of the ubiquitous electronic technologies that we take for granted today were developed, that was not possible. Professor Silver embraced the Internet and the web as soon as it became available. He put all the information about his courses and lectures on the web and planned to do an exam for about 150 students on the web as well. Professor Silver was a leader in applying technology in his classrooms, but it took enormous amounts of effort.

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Training to Go

Office Visit Program expands to include Almagest, PowerPoint.

As many of you already know, through our Office Visit Program you can request that a graduate student consultant in instructional technology come to your office and help you set up your Blackboard courses. During these visits, consultants show you how to start tailoring Blackboard to your specific classes, your department, your teaching or administrative style – and your computer.

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Wireless Awhile

New service enables instant use of campus wireless network.

Q: What might alumni, faculty, students and vendors visiting the Princeton campus all have in common?
A: Until recently, they could not access the Internet without registering their wireless devices with OIT. This, however, is no longer the case! The new Temporary Visitor Wireless Network Access (TVWNA) will provide connectivity to unregistered, wireless devices for up to seven days in a calendar month. Not intended for long term use, the service is ideal for campus visitors and University faculty, staff and students with occasional need to bring in a laptop from home. We invite you to make visitors aware of the service. Information can be found at www.princeton.edu/visitorwireless.

Let Your Browser Do the Shopping

Web interface puts software purchases online.

We are excited to announce that software purchases are now just a few clicks away at the PSR (Princeton Software Repository) Web Store. Faculty, staff and students may now purchase a wide variety of software online. The PSR Web Store is easy to use and is always open! Customers receive prompts that will guide them through each transaction. OIT’s Software Sales desk will remain open (113 Frist Campus Center) and will continue to offer assistance to customers; however all purchases will be processed through the PSR Web Store site.

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