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Lunch & Learn: Simulations at the petascale and beyond for fusion energy sciences with William Tang

Fusion donut

Imagine harnessing the power of the sun within a magnetic bottle. Unlike hydrogen bombs, which are essentially uncontrolled fusion reactions, scientists for decades have been pursuing the peaceful challenge of safely harnessing fusion energy, a potentially efficient and environmentally attractive energy source. Progress in addressing this scientific grand challenge, suggested William Tang, the Director of the Fusion Simulation Program at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has benefited substantially from advances in super-computing. At the March 10 Lunch ‘n Learn, Tang noted that such capabilities continue to progress at a remarkable rate, from tera-to-petascale today, and to exascale in the near future.

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Lunch & Learn: New Frontiers in Nanotechnology with Wole Soboyejo

soboyejo.jpgWole Soboyejo‘s work and perspectives perhaps reflect his unique set of life experiences. Born in Palo Alto, named after Winston Churchill, raised in Nigeria and with a PhD in Materials Science from Cambridge at 23, Professor Soboyejo bridges a continental perspective with interests as varied as human health, sustainable energy, and the challenges of the developing world with a passion for nanotechnology, engineering at the atomic level.
In his March 14 Lunch ‘n Learn talk, Professor Soboyejo reviewed a varied range of surprising applications of nanotechnology.

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