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Google App Inventor

android_logo.pngThe Google App Inventor is a new tool that Google has launched. It is aimed at helping non-coders to develop Android apps (for Android phones) with a series of building "blocks" for mobile phones. This is a great tool for instructors that would like to add a mobile component to their course work. This is also a great tool for students to use to show their work and share their research on a broader scale (in the Android Marketplace).  If you would like to create your own Android app (and have a Google account), check out the Google App Inventor with the link below:


Lunch & learn: An app a day: Tasty apps for iPhone and Android

droid.jpg“Smartphones are the new platform, and apps are the core,” says Douglas Dixon, an independent technology consultant, author, and speaker specializing in digital media. “In just a year and a half, the Apple App Store for iPhone users has surpassed 140,000 applications, and users have downloaded more than 3 billion apps. — Not bad for a new market that was created only a year and a half earlier.”

At the February 24 Lunch ‘n Learn seminar, Dixon explored the range of apps being developed for these new platforms. Beyond rude sound effects and popping bubbles, developers are leveraging both the intelligence of handsets and the power of back-end cloud computing to provide new kinds of timely

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Mobile App That Translates Text in Photos

Google is giving a preview of a prototype of their software called Google Goggles. Goggles is an Android visual search application that  translates text in a photo into another language. A person with an Android device can use the app to take a photo and then the app runs an OCR  (Optical Character Recognition) process on the words and then translates them into another language. So far, Google has not set a release date for the app. To learn more about Google Goggles, click on the link below (from a Mashable article) or you can view the video:

Mashable Article on Google Goggles