Alternatives to Physical Clickers in the Classroom

ClickersClickers are a great tool to help you engage your students, receive instant feedback from your students about understanding concepts you are teaching, and to get an overall feel for your student audience. The one hurdle that is attached to the physical Clicker technology is all the bulky hardware. Clickers involve setting a  receiver, setting the code for the physical instructor clicker with the software, and making sure each student has a workable physical Clicker. What happens when a Clicker breaks in the middle of a presentation? What happens if the batteries run out right before the lecture? These are questions and issues that are faced when faculty use the physical Clicker technology to teach. How can you get all the benefits of teaching with physical Clickers but use something more software based? Why not use technology that the students already own (like laptops or cell phones)? We decided to evaluate alternatives to physical Clickers. Continue reading “Alternatives to Physical Clickers in the Classroom”