The Productive Scholar: What’s New in Blackboard 9/19, 12noon

Topic: What’s New in Blackboard
Speaker: Dennis Hood, Blackboard Learning Management System, OIT, Princeton University

Time: Thursday, September 19,12:00pm – 1:00pm 
Location: HRC Classroom Room  012, Lower Level, East Pyne

Blackboard is a Learning Management System in which a site is created and available for use by faculty and/or instructional staff for every class taught at Princeton. It is currently in active use by approximately 70% of the Princeton faculty to facilitate course organization, manage course materials, assignments, and faculty-student communication.

About the speaker:
Dennis Hood begins his 14th year of managing Blackboard for Princeton in October. He also has instructor’s perspective of Blackboard, having used it for several years in his speech communications courses at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

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Lunch & Learn: David Hopkins on Kaltura at Princeton

David Hopkins, who manages the Broadcast Center at Princeton, needed a unified, centralized solution for users to upload, store, backup, edit, and share video. Kaltura is an open source video streaming service that has done those things since its launch earlier this year. The Princeton home page, Blackboard courses, social media venues, departmental sites, and other users have greatly increased the amount of video that they are sharing, and Hopkins needed a tool that would meet those increased needs. The goal was to centralize storage, backup and management of video and audio files, and make them available in a variety of formats to meet the needs of a long list of devices. Continue reading “Lunch & Learn: David Hopkins on Kaltura at Princeton”

Productive Scholar: Assign­ments and Assess­ments in Black­board

At The Productive Scholar, Matt Hood, one of Princeton’s experts on the Blackboard Learning Management System, talked about its Assessment tools. He described how to add an assignment to the system, which allows students to submit files to instructors, and how to create tests and surveys in order to assess student knowledge of a given topic. The video of the session is available below.

Productive Scholar: Get Your Group On: Mak­ing the Most of Blackboard’s Capa­bil­i­ties for Teach­ing and Man­ag­ing Sec­tions

On Thursday, September 20th, Dennis Hood came to talk about groups and other lesser known features in Blackboard at Princeton, as well as brand new features. Hood specifically talked about Blackboard Mobile, where you can visit Blackboard course content on your iPad, for instance. Another new service, Piazza, is a new gathering place in Blackboard, where people can ask questions anonymously, create groups, and get feedback. Interactive Rubrics were introduced, in which instructors can show in a clearer way how students are graded in assignments, showing points awarded for the level of quality in writing and how the instructor defines “quality”. Kaltura Media was also introduced, where students and faculty can upload media, like movies and audio files, directly, to save for themselves or share with the class. Hood then demonstrated how to create groups and how they can be used to help students gather and interact online, and showed many other new features in the current installation of Blackboard at Princeton.


Dennis Hood starts his 13th year of managing Blackboard for Princeton in October. He also uses Blackboard in teaching his speech communications course at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.

Lunch & Learn: Dennis Hood – Groups in Blackboard

Wednesday, April 25, 12:00 noon Frist Multipurpose Room B

Get Your Group On

Dennis Hood

Making the Most of Blackboard’s Capabilities for Teaching and Managing Sections

This presentation explores the various ways groups in Blackboard sites can be created and populated, the communication and teaching tools available to groups, and features available to aid in grading.  We looked at the sectioning tool, group creation through SCORE, and building groups individually and in sets.  Manipulating, viewing and printing group membership lists and photos was covered. For teaching and communication, in addition to the commonly used group email and discussion boards, we covered group blogs, journals, tasks, file exchange, and real-time collaboration tools. We saw how lab instructors, preceptors, etc., can make readings and instructional materials available exclusively to their groups in the course content areas. Finally, we talked about how to easily access your groups in the grade center through Smart Views and Favorites, and how to make grading fairer and easier through anonymous grading and use of the new interactive grading rubric.

Dennis makes his outline available to you in this Word document: 20120425_hood

About the speaker:

Dennis Hood is in his 12th year of managing Blackboard for Princeton. He is also using Blackboard in teaching his speech communications course at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY.


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