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Google Maps Now Has Earth View

If you use Google maps and you like the 3D look and flying capabilities of Google Earth, you can now have the 3D look of Google Earth in your Google Maps. It makes it easy to switch between the two views in one interface without having to open up the Google Earth application. To check out a preview before you try it at Google Maps, watch the video below:


View Historical Imagery in Google Earth

Google Earth (version 5) allows for you to view  historical images over a period time for certain places. Some places allow for you to view images from World War II and compare the area before and after an attack on the cities (to see a list of cities, click on this link: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2010/02/wwii-historical-imagery-in-google-earth.html )

To learn more about the historical imagery in Google Earth (and the timelines feature) click on the link below:


Lunch & Learn: Google Earth & Sky with Bill Guthe and Ben Johnston

In the few short years since it became freely available, Google Earth has become commonly used to explore the earth’s surface, to navigate geographic paths, to locate points of interest, and to store and serve terabytes of geographic information.
Google Earth is a free Virtual Globe or Geobrowser that allows you to display images of the earth on a globe and provides the illusion of manipulating a three-dimensional globe on-screen.

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