Creating an HTML Widget for iBooks Author to Embed a PDF File

apple_ibooks_authoriBooks Author is a free app that allows¬† you to create interactive eBooks for iOS devices. iBooks Author is simple to use and an appealing feature of the app is that media can be included in the iBook. An HTML widget allows you to create your own HTML tools to add extra functionality to an iBook. A limitation of iBooks Author is that you cannot embed a multi-page pdf into an ebook. You can create links to a website where a PDF is hosted, but you are then limited to reading the PDF when you have an active connection. I wanted to explore how to embed a pdf into an iBook using the HTML widget tool, so that PDFs can be included in the body of the book, and are not dependent upon an Internet connection. Continue reading “Creating an HTML Widget for iBooks Author to Embed a PDF File”

Download Public Domain Books from Google Books in the EPUB Format

Google announced a few days ago that it will be making over a million public domain books available in another format, EPub. Why is this important? This means that the public domain books can be read on various devices like a Sony EBook reader or a Kindle. You don’t have to worry if the book will be compatible with your device. To browse the list of free public domain books at Google Books, click on the link below: