Lunch & Learn: Blogs, lulz and tweets: Social media comes to Princeton with Shan Hilton and John Jameson

PUSocialMedia.jpgWhy has the use of Facebook and other social networking sites exploded? Perhaps, suggest John Jameson and Shani Hilton of Princeton’s Office of Communications, because it is now possible to interact socially with very large numbers of people in ways that are no more difficult than sending out a simple e-mail.

Most users need not worry about the coding or the construction of their pages. They can simply concern themselves with what they should share, and not share.

The technologies are changing rapidly (MySpace, for example, has lost 20% of their users in just two months), bringing enormous opportunities, challenges, and some significant policy headaches.

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Free Tool To Translate Your Pages on Facebook

A free tool called Translation for Facebook Connect will help webmasters and site owners use the general population’s knowledge of language to translate their sites in languages supported by Facebook. This is great because your Facebook page can reach larger audiences and somebody can read your site in their native language. To read more about the tool, click on the link below (an article by Mashable):

Lunch & Learn: Gold Award for Outreach Efforts

The integrated outreach effort centered on the Lunch ‘n Learn Information Technology seminars has just received a gold medal for Best Practices in Communications in the 2009 CASE II Accolades Awards. CASE, the Council for Support and Advancement of Education, makes annual awards to educational institutions in 40 different categories, including alumni relations, communications, design, development, grant writing, magazines, marketing, news writing, photography, portals, publications, and Web.
For more than 15 years, Princeton University’s Office of Information Technology has sponsored the lunch time series featuring speakers with varied affiliations exploring a wide array of cutting edge technology topics. During the past four years, Academic ServicesEducation and Outreach Services have sought to transform the existing series into fully integrated outreach, with these blog posts, high quality podcasts, RSS feeds, and through Facebook, demonstrating how a small outreach office with sophisticated collaboration tools can leverage its resources.

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