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Lunch & Learn: Research Hacks: Tips & Tools for the Busy Scholar with Steven Adams

LibXPULlogo.jpgThe vast print and online resources of the Princeton University Library can overwhelm even seasoned scholars. Most researchers are so busy with their daily responsibilities that there’s little opportunity for exploration and staying current with new technologies and resources. Fortunately, new tools are significantly improving access to relevant scholarly material and easing the entire process of research.
At the September 17 Lunch ‘n Learn seminar, Steven Adams, the Biological and Life Sciences Librarian and Interim Psychology Librarian, officially launched the LibX PUL toolbar, an amazing browser plug-in that amalgamates several databases and library systems to make the research process more efficient. With LibX, your internet browser becomes an effective portal to the entire library experience.

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Lunch & Learn: Google: The View from the Library

At the May 17 Lunch ‘n Learn, four speakers from the University Library provided their perspectives on Google, the popular internet search engine that has become an integral part of everyday vocabulary and life.
Stephen Ferguson, the Assistant University Librarian for Rare Books and Special Collections and the Curator of Rare Books began by reminding us all that in 1994, just a dozen years ago, PC Magazine created a splash by printing the following roadmap to the internet. The map, of course, is today a relic, but it represents an ancient ancestor of the Google engine.

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Lunch & Learn: Princeton University Library: Useful tips for scholars with Nancy Pressman Levy, Audrey Betsy Wright and Phil Menos

When it comes to making your academic life easier, trust a librarian.
That was the theme of the May 3 Lunch ‘n Learn where Nancy Pressman Levy, Audrey Betsy Wright and Phil Menos shared tips on how to make the most of the Library’s many online services.
Introducing the Library’s Proxy Service
philmenos.jpgThe Library provides access to more than 750 scholarly databases and more than 10,000 online journals, but many of these are restricted to members of the University community. Phil Menos described how the Library’s upgraded proxy service provides advanced authentication while making sure that you will be able to gain access to these services when you are at home, or traveling, or just across the street at Starbucks.
To learn more about the details of the service, click on “Connect from off-campus” at the Library home page. Or simply log in. You will now be able to link to most Library services directly from home and even bookmark your favorite Library services. The full Power Point presentation may be viewed here.

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