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Google Lab’s ImageSwirl: Search for Images in a Different Way

google_imageswirl.pngI just recently tried out Google Lab’s ImageSwirl. What’s great about the service is that it relates a photo to other photos in the search in a diagram format (kind of looks like a mind mapping of the image). If you like your data broken down in a visual format, this image search tool is for you. Below is a snapshot of an image search for Princeton University. I clicked on the one images of the snow covered building and based off of similar tags, it gave me images related to that one and others related to Princeton U.


To check out the service, click on the link below:


SUMO Paint: Online Image Editor

sumo_paint_logo.jpgSUMO Paint is a free web based (online) image editor. What’s really nice about this service is that it has some of the features that you would see in image editor like GIMP or Photoshop (that you need to install on your computer). SUMO Paint can do many things like transform an image, it has support for multiple layers and many other features like a smudge tool, blur tool, and symmetry tool. This is a great tool to have in your toolbox if you use maps in your humanities classes. You can edit them online and them download them. SUMO Paint also has a community you can post your images to for others to see and comment (but you can not directly save the image to services like Facebook or Flickr, you would need to download them to your computer first).

If you want to explore the tool before creating an account, you can by visiting the link below:


QuickStart Guide: How to Create Images from Movie Scenes on a DVD with VLC

vlc-logo.pngVLC (VideoLAN Client) is a multimedia player for various video and audio formats and also plays media like CDs and DVDs. It is free, cross-platform (Windows and Mac), and open source. Another great feature about this player is that you can take screenshots (still images) of scenes you play off a DVD loaded into your computer. This QuickStart guide will walk you through the process of creating still images from scenes played off a DVD. Click on the link below to download the PDF.

QuickStart Guide to Capturing Still Images from a DVD using VLC (PDF)

http://www.videolan.org/vlc/  (VLC’s homepage)