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Tech Spotlights: Finding and using free images on the Web

English: Species: (Helophilus intentus ) Curra...

English: Species: (Helophilus intentus ) Curran & Fluke, 1922 Finding place: Restoule Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada -- 2008 September Français : Helophilus intentus ) Photo prise dans le parc provinçal Restoule en Ontario au Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the slideshow from out tech Spotlight Session on 10/21/2010.

Here’s a link to the handout (PDF): Finding and Using Free Images on the Web.pdf

SmARThistory.org: Free Online Multi-media Web-book


“smARThistory.org is a free multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic
enhancement (or even substitute) for the traditional and static art
history textbook. Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker began
smARThistory in 2005 by creating a blog
featuring free audio guides in the form of podcasts for use in The
Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Soon after, we
embedded the audio files in our online survey courses. The response
from our students was so positive that we decided to create a
multi-media survey of art history web-book. We created audios and
videos about works of art found in standard art history survey texts,
organized the files stylistically and chronologically, and added text
and still images.”

What I really like about this site is that you can contact the creators to contribute to the site, by images of works or museums loaded on flickr or working with them to create audio and video files of works of art similar to what’s on the website. It’s a great way to engage students about art from different time periods, styles, and countries. To find out more, click on the link below:


BubblePLY: Add Comments, Images, and Subtitles to Your YouTube Videos

bubbleply_logo.jpgBubblePLY is a web based service that allows for you to add comment bubbles (in different shapes), subtitles, images, clipart, and even a webcam feed over different sections of a YouTube video. You can use this service to circle something on a video and add a comment box (maybe a vocab review in another language) or add subtitles to a foreign clip. It’s super easy to use. You can sign up for a free account to save your BubblePLY videos. Another great thing about the service is that it allows for you to embed the video into a website or quick post it to different services like Facebook, Blogger, Live Spaces, and much more. To take a look at the service (which you can demo without signing up) click on the link below:


FireFox Add-On: Screengrab

add_on_logo.jpgScreengrab is a Firefox add-on that allows for you to capture your web window as an image. Some operating systems have a built in screen capture device or you can always download a separate program to take screen shots of webpages, but what’s nice is that this is in your browser and you don’t need to open up a separate program. If you would like to download this Add-On, please visit the link below:


QuickStart Guide: Using Images in Microsoft’s SharePoint

microsoft-office-sharepoint-logo.jpgSharePoint is a collaborative tool available to Princeton faculty and staff. It is a web-based tool for sharing information and documents with others. A SharePoint site is a website that provides a central storage and collaboration space for documents, information, and ideas. This QuickStart guide will show you how to work with images (upload, search, change the view, and load in PowerPoint) in a SharePoint site. To view this guide, click on the link below.

QuickStart Guide: Using Images in Microsoft’s SharePoint (PDF)