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Lunch & Learn: Serge Goldstein on the iPrinceton app.

Over the past two years, OIT, in collaboration with a number of University departments and Blackboard Inc., has developed a mobile application suite named “iPrinceton.” This suite is currently available for iPhone/iPads, Android, and Blackberry mobile devices, as well as other mobile devices that have a web browser. In this talk I will review iPrinceton and its development, focusing on the challenges involved in developing the application, and the impact that mobile app development is having on IT at Princeton and beyond.  If you have a mobile device, be sure to download iPrinceton before you come (it is free).

Speaker bio:
As Academic Services’ first Director, Serge Goldstein is proud to head up a team that includes people with a wide range of skills, all dedicated to supporting use of technology in the academic enterprise. He started his professional career as an academic. He received a B.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D. degree, all from Yale University, all in Anthropology. His field work and dissertation were on the ecology of Rhesus monkeys in Northwestern Pakistan. In the course of analyzing his data, he began to use computers, became enamored, and never looked back. He has at various times been a systems programmer (specializing in IBM mainframe operating systems, and later in Unix and NextStep), an instructor of computer internals, a web page designer, and an occasional college lecturer (in quantitative methods). He still thinks of himself primarily as an academic, and his role at Princeton as being primarily to ensure that OIT is providing services that address the needs of academics.

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Plain Text

html2text is one of those tools that most people might not need very often, but when you do need it, it is indispensable.  html2text, as the name implies, converts webpages (HTML) to plain old glorious text. That text, in turn, is also valid Markdown allowing you to convert back to HTML.

Via the indispensable blog, One Thing Well.

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Read the Front Page of 873 Newspapers From 87 Countries for Free

Newseum is a free website that allows  you to read the front page of  873 newspapers (including other country newspapers) for free. The front pages are high quality images from the actual newspaper or you can read them as  PDFs, or you can click on a link to the newspaper. This site is great if you want to compare what is making headlines from state to state or from country to country. Due to copyright reasons, if you try to download a front page, it is water marked. They also have free iPhone and iPad apps so you can read the front pages through those devices. To check out the site, click on this link: http://www.newseum.org/todaysfrontpages/

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Facebook app that lets you create flashcards

I recently came across a Facebook app called Q-Kards. It’s a simple flashcard app that allows you to create flashcards (for any topic like learning a language or text vocab) to help you memorize information. You can share your cards with other groups or your Friends on Facebook. I did not see a place where youc an add an image, for now it’s a text based flashcard creator. Why not use an app in a web service you and your sudents already use? (Like Facebook). Here’s the link to the app if you want to check it out (remember some Facebooks apps require access to your information including Personal data and Friends lists. Use caution whenever using any Facebook apps):


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Productive Scholar: PULSe and Lynda.com

PULSe and Lynda.com

PULSe and Lynda.com

PULSe – the Princeton University Learning Series is a new IT learning opportunity that supports many of the technologies OIT makes available.  Faculty, staff, and students – anyone with a Princeton netID – can participate in the live Friday afternoon webinars or access recorded tutorials on available services such as SharePoint, Roxen, and WebSpace. PULSe maintains a presence on Twitter and Facebook where additional resources are shared. In this Productive Scholar session, you will be introduced to the site, its features, and the iLinc web conferencing system that is used to present the weekly webinars.


Lynda.com is a California-based company that offers online training materials on popular software platforms, web applications, and consumer technology. Some are short introductions to a new technology or software package. Others are in-depth instructions on software applications or suites. Continue reading