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Grimm German Grammar

Grimm Grammar characters: The Bremer Travelling MusiciansFrom the University of Texas, Grimm Grammar uses classic Grimm Fairy Tales updated for the 21st century.  From the about page of the site:

The primary audience for Grimm Grammar is the beginning language learner.  Each part of speech – e.g., adjective, adverb, noun, verb – is introduced by a sectional overview, and then further explained in relevant, thoroughly cross-referenced sub-topics: e.g., articles, the past tense of regular verbs, etc.

Grammar descriptions in English/German and self-correcting exercises promote the understanding of grammar concepts through plausible communicative contexts – what someone might actually say in real life – using predominantly discourse-length language samples.

Free Language Lessons on Internet Polyglot Website

internet_polyglot_logo.pngInternet Ployglot is a website that offers free language lessons in a variety of languages. Some of the languages that are offered are Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew, along with popular languages like German, Spanish, and French. You can create an account to save your results or just use the site without creating an account. The site has text, audio, and some images. You learn vocabulary and then apply ti with different tasks and games that are in each language learning plan. It is free. To learn more or to try it out, click on the link below:


Using Google Wave to Teach a Foreign Language Class

I recently came across a blog post on the TeachPaperless blog titled "More on Using Google Wave in the Foreign Language Classroom". The instructor uses Google Wave for student group work. The instructor gives them a passage and the groups of students have to translate that passage in Google Wave. With Google Wave, you can record the history of what they students are typing into the Wave. You can see their thought process and it has the basic text editing tools like highlight and text colors. To read more on how this instructor used it in his Latin class, click on the link below:



Persian Online: Grammar and Resources

Persian Online is an University of Texas site that provides free resources for anybody teaching or learning Persian. The resources include quizzes, culture and video, vocab lists, proverbs, and more. If you would like to explore this site and resources, click on the link below: