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Free Language Lessons on Internet Polyglot Website

internet_polyglot_logo.pngInternet Ployglot is a website that offers free language lessons in a variety of languages. Some of the languages that are offered are Arabic, Thai, and Hebrew, along with popular languages like German, Spanish, and French. You can create an account to save your results or just use the site without creating an account. The site has text, audio, and some images. You learn vocabulary and then apply ti with different tasks and games that are in each language learning plan. It is free. To learn more or to try it out, click on the link below:


Lunch & Learn: The New Blackboard 9: Finding Your Way

Blackboard graphic

Ten years ago, Princeton adopted Blackboard as its course management system. During the past decade, the system has moved from serving a handful of courses to every course. What was an occasional convenience has become an integral part of the educational process at Princeton.

In June, the University will be upgrading the system to Blackboard 9. New features promise to improve teaching, learning, and course management. The most striking change initially, though, for instructional staff and builders, will be the new interface for editing and managing the course sites.

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User Generated Online Pronunciation Guide

forvo_logo.pngForvo is an online user generated pronunciation guide for hundreds of languages. If you ever wondered how a word is pronounced all you have to do is search for the word in the language and there is a button that will play the audio of the pronunciation of the word. Also, you can sign up for an account and add words in your native language to the Forvo collection to help other language learners out with word pronunciation. The service is free and to listen to audio you do not need to sign up and it is also free. To check out Forvo, click on the link below:


Lunch & Learn: The Technology of History with Carla Zimowsk

GIS image

The Technology Manager for the History Department at Princeton University, Carla Zimowsk has provided technical support for the department for 10 years. Not trained as a historian or a GIS expert, she draws upon graduate work in organizational communications and knowledge management. As a result, during the past decade, she has come to understand the needs of those she supports.

“The faculty all have stuff,” she began at the March 24 Lunch ‘n Learn seminar, “and it tells a story when pulled together.” In a trip to the Visualization Centre at the University of Birmingham several years ago, she suddenly realized the importance of visualizing data.

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Learn About the German Language and Resources

Free Language blog has a post titled German Speaking World that has fact and figures about the German language (where it is spoken, how many people steak it, etc.). Also in the post, it has a list of resources if you are looking to learn German (most are free). To check out the post, click on the link below: