Lecture Capture Software and Branch Quizzing: What’s Available for Flipping the Classroom?

A new trend in educational technology is the idea of “flipping the classroom”. Flipping the classroom is when an instructor prepares a lecture and has the students watch it before they come to class, which in turn the students are prepared to discuss the concept or class time is used to demonstrate a principle or answer questions about the content they were introduced to in the lecture. If you are interested in flipping your classroom or just want to record lectures for your students to use as study aids, how does one get started in lecture capture and what tools are available? Continue reading “Lecture Capture Software and Branch Quizzing: What’s Available for Flipping the Classroom?”

The Productive Scholar: Lecture Capture on the Fly presented by Angel Brady


Thursday, October 6,
12:00 noon

***Oakes Lounge, Whig Hall***
Lecture Capture on the Fly:
Lecture Capture Apps

Angel Brady

Many great points and conversations come up during a lecture that faculty and students would like to revisit. You can easily record your lecture audio with a device such as the iPad using apps that are readily available for download with little equipment setup required . We will explore the different apps available for the iPad (and other mobile devices) and their features.
About the speaker:

Angel Brady is an Educational Technologist at the Humanities Resource Center at Princeton University. Prior to coming to Princeton, she was an Instructional Technologist and Training Specialist at Rider University. She earned her Master’s of Science in Biomedical Visualization from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Link to presentation: https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dmx9k2p_403gc2f8gg


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MIT Lecture Browser



The MIT Lecture Browser lets you search for video lectures by using text keywords and/or categories like you would when you search for something in a search engine (like Google). It will then find any video with that word in it or in that catagory, and show you the transcript of the lectures and where those keywords are in the lecture. Also in the transcript,  there are buttons you can click on that will prompt your browser to play the video part of that lecture for that keyword. You will need RealPlayer video for your web browser to view the lecture videos. To search for videos or learn more click on the link below:



Academic Earth: Thousands of Video Lectures at Your Fingertips

academic_earth_logo.jpgHave you ever wanted to watch a lecture on a certain topic from any University from a well known lecturer? Academic Earth is a service where you can watch recorded lectures from places like MIT, Yale, and Princeton. You can also search by lecturer or topic.  Some of these materials are also available on iTunesU or YouTube.

Another feature that’s nice about Academic Earth is that you can rate the lecture. Here is the site if you would like to check out some video lectures: