Productive Scholar: Tablets for the Classroom: iPad, MS Surface, and Android 9/26, 12noon

Topic: Tablets for the Classroom: iPad, MS Surface, and Android
Speaker: Janet Temos, ETC Director, Princeton University

Time: Thursday, September 26, 12:00pm – 1:00pm
Location: HRC Classroom, Room 012, Lower Level, East Pyne

Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and the Microsoft Surface: Tablets in the Classroom. What makes the difference between a mobile device for personal consumption, and a mobile device that is effective as a teaching and research tool? Find out at this week’s Productive Scholar, where the three major tablet brands listed above will be examined.

Topics covered will include: What to consider when buying a tablet; how to transfer and work with documents created on your desktop using a tablet; how to display from a tablet to a classroom projector; how to use a tablet effectively for text creation; and finally, how not to mess up the “fun” leisure-time tablet features while also making your device a companion to professional life.

About the Speaker:
Janet Temos
is the Director of the Educational Technologies Center at Princeton. She is a member of the Princeton class of 1982, and received her PhD at Princeton in 2001. The ETC helps faculty use technology in teaching and research, and includes Training and Outreach as well as the New Media Center (NMC). We also offer consulting, training and outreach in educational technologies.

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