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Lunch & Learn: Teaching with Tablet PCs with Serge Goldstein

At the December 6 Lunch ‘n Learn, Serge Goldstein, the Director of OIT’s Academic Services, presented “Teaching with a Tablet PC.” Tablets, explained Goldstein, are simply Windows laptops (there are no Mac versions currently) that use a special “pen” rather than a mouse. The screens, which fill the length and width of the tablet, also act as a built in scanner.
The tablets run a special operating system (Windows XP Tablet PC) that recognizes the pen and is able to run all Windows XP applications including Microsoft Office. Microsoft’s new Vista operating system will have built in support for tablets. Some special applications take full advantage of having a pen as their input device.

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Lunch & Learn: Content Protection and Digital Rights management: Accessing your Media in the Digital Home with Doug Dixon

At the November 29 Lunch ‘n Learn, Doug Dixon (Manifest Technology) presented “Content Protection and Digital Rights management: Accessing your Media in the Digital Home.”
Imagine having a comprehensive library of music and movies. And imagine being able to listen to your holdings in your car, when you jog, or while sitting at your computer. And so, you might reasonably expect that buying digital media from Apple, Microsoft, or Sam Goody would contribute to that vision.
To be sure, as content has become digital, consumers are indeed finding it much easier to access such media, but also to copy and share it. In theory, with just a single click, customers could share perfect digital copies worldwide. Upset with rampant piracy, especially given the high value of high definition, digital content, owners are finding new and innovative ways to protect the copyright and intellectual property.

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